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EEO Advocates LLC. is fully authorized by federal statute to provide affordable Professional Non-attorney Representation for employees who are victims of employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Our Representatives have years of experience representing employees in front of the E.E.O.C..

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Race – Gender – Age – Color – Disability – Sexual Harassment – National Origin – Retaliation – FMLA 

Hostile Work Environment,  Termination,  Disciplinary Actions,  Denied Promotions,  Failure to Accommodate Disability,  and more…


Reason  #1

You need a professional fighting for you:

The EEOC’s Employees are NOT on your side and DO NOT represent you. If there are mistakes in your complaint or if you fail to make a proper claim, it is YOUR responsibility. Every year numerous filed EEOC complaints are DISMISSED on minor technicalities!

Reason #2

We work with you to make your case simple to understand:

Due to the number of complaints being filed, EEOC Investigators are overworked. You need someone who will work with you to make sure your case is understood by someone (the investigator) who does not know your job or what you have been through. Most Complainants are emotional and can not step outside the situation. A Professional Representative can clearly explain the facts of the case and yet present the emotional harm.

Reason #3

We know the specific legal standards you must meet for the EEOC to find in your favor – and the standards and facts that must be presented in your complaint to avoid being dismissed before an investigation is conducted.

A Prima Facie case MUST be established to prove your complaint to be substantial. You must make sure you have given proper notice to the employer. You must show the Employers actions meet the Severe and Pervasive standard. You must follow the McDonnell-Douglas Burden-Shifting standard. The requirements of similarly situated comparators. and more…You give us the facts, you answer our questions, get us the information we ask for, and then we present your case clearly and make the arguments of law.

Reason #4 

Preparation for the Interview:

At some point the EEOC Investigator is going to interview you. We prepare you so you know what to expect, how to present your answers, how to focus on the most legally important facts. It is the focus that may be the most important part of the preparations. Too often a Complainant wants to complain to the Investigator about everything wrong the employer has ever done, and that distracts the Investigator from the examples/facts that support your complaint of discrimination.

Reason #5

Your Employer is likely to have an Experienced Representative fighting to defeat your claims!

This is an adversarial process, and the Employer is more than likely to have someone who specializes in fighting EEO claims presenting their side and trying to make your complaint look as weak as possible. They will try to convince the Investigator that either nothing really happened, or they were right to do what they did, or even that it was your own fault, and/or any other excuse. You need a Representative that will work with you to present hard hitting rebuttal to show the Investigator that the Employer is wrong, so the EEOC can issue a finding of discrimination.

You know the facts. We know the law. Let’s work together.

No Retainer – Low Monthly Payment Plan plus 10% of any award or settlement for your case.

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