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You know the facts. We know the law. Let's work together.

EEO Advocates LLC. is a legal service firm representing employees who are victims of employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Hostile Work Environment - Harassment - Retaliation - Failure to Accommodate Disability

Race  -  Sex  -  Age  -  Color  -  Disability  -  National Origin  -  Religion  -  FMLA Violations - Pregnancy

Termination - Disciplinary Actions - Unfair Evaluations - Denied Promotions - Denied Leave

We Have Legal Representatives Specializing in FEDERAL EMPLOYEE CASES

Monthly Payment Plans Available as low as 150 to 250 per month*

EEO Advocates, LLC.

Fax (202) 315-0407


                      Reason #1 The EEOC's Employees are NOT on your side and DO NOT represent you.
If there are mistakes in your complaint or if you fail to make a proper claim, 
it is YOUR responsibility.
                      Reason #2 Every year numerous filed EEOC complaints are DISMISSED on minor technicalities! 
In today's economy the number of EEOC complaints have increased and complaints 
are often DISMISSED before conducting an investigation.
                      Reason #3 Probable Cause MUST be established to prove your complaint to be substantial
to avoid DISMISSAL.
                      Reason #4  EEOC Investigators do NOT try to prove your claims.
                      Reason #5  The EEOC process is time consuming and most complaints are DISMISSED before 
conducting an investigation.

If you are serious about your case, get professional representation today

Our experienced Legal Representatives are experts in the EEOC Administrative Laws and regulations for discrimination complaints. We know how the Employer's attorneys try to defeat your claims. We know what kinds of facts the EEOC Investigators need to find discrimination in your case. Sometimes it is more important to  know what kinds of allegations will actually hurt your case. Many people confuse the issues that are important to themselves with the issues that are important to the law. 

We guarantee your claim will be investigated and a decision for your case issued by the EEOC. Also, if the EEOC Investigator finds discrimination in your case, we will negotiate for a settlement that you approve.

You know the facts. We know the law. Let's work together.

Monthly Payment Plans Available as low as 150 to 250 per month*

*in most cases - federal employee cases requiring immediate filings may require additional deposit

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EEO Advocates, LLC:   Providing Full Legal Representation for Employees filing EEO Discrimination Claims 
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